Animation & TV

Becoming An Artist – Etel Adnan, for Tate Kids. Artwork – Amy Tibbles

Since 2020, I’ve been dipping my toe (or dunking my leg) into the world of TV and animation. Great timing, given the fact that theatre has exploded, and as a result I’m spending much more precious time with my TV.

So far I’ve worked with incredible Irish and European companies including Tate UK, Ink & Light, Pikkukala, Turnip & Duck, Tailored Films, Pictor and Little Moon Animation. I’ve also done a long stint, and had the most rollicking, raucous time, as part of the first season writing team for Monster Loving Maniacs for Ja Films

Screenshot 2020-05-19 at 18.44.44
Director Veronica Lassenius, the all-female writing team, and two of our animated friends from Pikkukala and Ink & Light’s Royals Next Door

My specific interest and experience is in comedy writing for young people aged anywhere between 6 – 12, and shows which has a social focus at their core. But I’m open to other age-groups, and am eager to spread my wings into different forms and genres of television writing. I recently continued my collaboration with Tate UK (which began with this short animation and this article on Marlow Moss) by penning the script for their short documentary Queer Cornwall, embedded below. See? Gal’s got range!

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