Super Paua

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Sian is the founding director of and lead artist behind Super Paua – a Dublin based theatre company that makes community empowered performance.  We make largely work for young audiences (though not only), we work largely in English (though no exclusively!) and we love to create the art works that you didn’t know you wanted, but which you find beautiful and necessary once we’ve given them to you. Humour, social relevance, and respect define our work.

We produce three types of project –

Professional Plays that are crafted by experienced storytellers, and that aim to entertain, inspire and challenge the public. (Due to Covid cancellations, we now run a storytelling podcast too!)

Collaborative Programmes that are run for and with communities who don’t usually go to the theatre.  These projects combine our teams’ skills with the valuable knowledge of community leaders, in order to nurture growth for the individual and the group. 

Targeted Skills Sharing that uses our team’s skills and resources to support marginalised artists, or artists from demographics not often represented in the professional arts.  We hope to offer exciting Irish creatives routes into professional theatre for through paid, collaborative internships, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training schemes. We share a lot of our company resources with artists for free.

Super Paua is a core producing partnership between by Heather Rose, Sian Ní Mhuirí and Mark Ball.  We also work with a bunch of great actors and associate artists, including Aine O’Hara, Graeme Coughlan, Sinéad Purcell and Fatima Halawa.  Check out our website here for more details.