Previous Status – Galway

I’m Galway bound for most of October, for two big reasons and two little reasons.

One of the big reasons is Baboró Festival, well-documented as my favourite festival in Ireland, and also a developmental partner on my new show, The Lonsdale Project. You’ll be hearing a lot about the incredible programme in my blog over the next few weeks.

The second big reason is that I’m getting some time away from Dublin for an Irish language intensive. I’ll be hanging around Coláiste Naomh Éanna in the last week of October for a bit of grammatical and vocab brushing up, as my translation schedule for Te Rōhi is about to kick off.

The two little reasons are nevertheless extremely exciting. For the first time ever, I’ll be in town for Macnas’s Halloween parade through the town centre. It’s on Sunday 28th October and it’s going to be lit.

And this pizza place. These cheesy bad boi’s are almost worth the commute from Dublin.

S x