Current Status – France

Where in France, you say?

‘ALL OVER, BABY!’ I scream back with gay abandon.

Or, if not all of it, then at least Paris, Nancy, Strasbourg, Lyon, Montpellier and Marseilles, by train. I’m in the middle of an eighteen day trip that is, no word of a lie, *absolutely fabulous*.

I’m mixing business with pleasure, as the aim of the trip is threefold –

  1. To grab a drop more sunshine before Halloween (the highest of High Holidays)
  2. To scope out cities I could move to in 2022, as there are many career benefits for being an English language animation writer resident in France (who knew?)
  3. To fill me boots with crème pâtissière

Wish me bonne chance, a chairde.

Next stop – Dublin, for the rest of 2021

Previous stops – Paris 2020, New Zealand Pacific Studio, Wairarapa and An Spidéal, Galway

S x