Soppy Post-Annecy Appreciation

I’m heading to LA today, and just want to take a moment to say that Annecy Festival absolutely lived up to the hype. Back to back meetings, daily lake swims, 3am bridge parties outside the Captains Pub, and some exciting deals to be announced once the paperwork is signed.

Not only did it look like this…

But the company was excellent. I FIIIINNNAAALLLLYYYY got to meet all my Nordic pals – the lads from Ja Films, Pikkukala and Ink&Light. And fellow KPA writers Pam and Dennys from Lyon!

Just FYI, I’m 5’7”, and only look tiny because everyone working in Nordic animation is STATUESQUE.

Shout out to all the pals I didn’t get photos with, too – monster-comrade Jon Daalgard, cartoon power-house Kristina Yee, Pete O’Donogue (the South African Sian?), Greig Cameron (self-described Police Composite Sketch of an animator), Berlin’s finest Moritz Beine, and the incomparable Irish producer Vanessa Robinson!

Annecy, I loved you. Next year, we’ll do it again. Just turn down the heat, OK? I can’t eat melted raclette in 33 degrees.

(I mean, I did. I just shouldn’t have.)

S x

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