Annecy, LA, NYC

And the great tour begins!

I’m travelling again, after a long hiatus. And it’s all about TV, baby! I’m turbo-networking in the hot, hot summer sun, which is as exciting and sweaty as it sounds.

Mid-June is MIFA at Annecy – the Venice of France, and cute as a button – and then on to Los Angeles from the 20th June. Then I’m having some family time in Boston for the 4th July, before a weekend in New York from the 8th-11th July. And home!

One of the many ways in which Jean Kitson, Agent Supreme, has helped me blosson into a functioning adult is the introduction of professional Calendly schedules for networking purposes. So if you’re around Annecy (13th-19th June), LA (20th June – 2nd July) or NYC (8th-11th July) and want to book in a meeting with yours truly, click on the links above!

Now – time to snap some canal pics, and eat dessert for every meal…

S x

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