End of an era!

Some of you have heard this already from the horse’s mouth, or perhaps from the whisperings of other animals. Maybe a bird tipped you off, or a marmoset. Anyway, the end of 2021 means the end of an incredible journey, for me, as the Artistic Director of Super Paua.

With more TV work coming in, I have made the decision to step back from the company I founded, and hand it on to one of my best friends, and the coolest theatre maker in Dublin, Mark Ball.

It’s a truly exciting time for the company, as I had always hoped Super Paua would find its own feet in the Irish landscape and outgrow my own capacity to lead it as a producer and AD (neither of which, perhaps, I am best suited to) . It was a kind of Field of Dreams thing – we built it, and the awesome collaborators, artists and producers came.

You can read a full statement here, if you care to. But the statement highlights are – Mark Ball is awesome, they’ve already crafted a 2022 programme with Heather Rose that is full of audience engagement and artist support, and I wish the company the very best of luck for the future! I’ll be around in an overseeing capacity for a while, and who knows! I might write them a few bits and bobs down the line…

But for now? I’m hanging up my theatre hat, and moving on to the next adventure.

(Still figuring out what that is – I don’t make work decisions in December, because that’s not what December is for)

Love to you all!

S x

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