Nancy Is Fancy – Part 2

Today’s all about the art, plants and art about plants, so hold on to your chausettes. A visual bombardment is coming your way.

First, the Musée des Beaux Arts De Nancy. Small, excellently curated, and full of STRONG WOMEN.

After all those definitely-dead Old-Timey painters whose names I forgot to take down, here are some artists that are hopefully alive as of 3rd October 2021, whom I will therefore credit…

Then there was the Botanical Gardens, which were, in a word, wholesome.

Then it was the Musée de l’École de Nancy and the Villa Majorelle, the former Art Nouveau homes of Eugène Corbin and Louis Majorelle respectively, and staggeringly beautiful examples of the architecture, design and art work of the movement.

You can really make an Art Nouveau pig of yourself in Nancy, I’ll give it that.

And finally – the Opera De Lorainne in the Salle Poirel. Full disclosure – I’m not low key bragging about being an Opera goer, I’ve actually never been to one in my life. It was a concert – Debussy, Karłowicz, Sibelius and Strauss – and the fact that I was there at all says something profound about Nancy’s evening entertainment. Still, it was really great, and David would be proud. And to bring the theme back to STRONG WOMEN, check out that conductor.

Next stop? Strasbourg, ma cherie!

S x

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