Nancy is Fancy – Part 1

That’s how you know I’m a writer – I take big literary swings, like that title.

Would you look at the ACTUAL STATE of how fancy Nancy is though. It’s got gates. It’s got gilding, everywhere, and it’s own signature quiche.

Nancy will be a two-part post only because I thought that the installation in Place Stanislas deserved it’s own attention. You’d usually head to Place Stanislas to see the Hôtel de Ville / Opera House / bougie cafés etc… but lo and behold, it is currently home to something many times more interesting than local government, opera and pastry (and I don’t say that lightly).

An incredible ecological art installation…

Shaped like a giant drop of water, this ‘ephemeral garden’ is just 2021’s offering in what is a yearly tradition of pop-up gardens in Place Stanislas from late September to November. Expect trees, flowers, wooden bowers and shelters, multimedia installations, photography, chairs and benches to chill on… I mean, it’s just a super cosy, charming use of civic space.

This years theme is water, which you can probably tell from the pictures. I also feel duty bound to pass on the tourist board message that the Jardin Ephémère is ‘built from a sustainable perspective using recycled materials and plants which will go on to be used in other green spaces‘ and also that it’s ‘a fine tribute to Nancy’s botanical traditions that so inspired the artists of the Ecole de Nancy.

It is a source of such unspeakable joy to me that this fabulous event is organised by the city’s Parks and Gardens department. Obviously great local government exists outside of Pawnee, Indiana.

Anyway, learning about this pop-up garden tradition really made my day. Having said that, if the recurrent question being posed as I travel from place to place is – ‘Could I live here, longer term?‘ then the Nancy answer is Heck. No. I’m just not built for this kind of quiet, dignified life. If you’re someone like me, Nancy is very much a visiting city.

Still – I’m on a visit, amn’t I?*

Next stop? Strasbourg!

S x

*Amn’t is a word in Dublin. Be culturally sensitive.

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