New podcast – Derval by Gráinne Keenan

What a corker we have for you this week.

Super Paua Stories presents Derval, by Gráinne Keenan – a raucous, rambunctious and deliciously spooky story about a twelve year old girl who (against her own wishes, and best interest) happens to be an accidental agent of chaos. Haunted where-ever she goes by the apparition of a chain-smoking witch in a lilac shell-suit, and driven by a sense of compulsive divilment, Derval seems caught between the realm of suburban primary school and the land of The Sídhe, beyond the veil. Which doesn’t bode well for her social standing – especially as her classmate’s Halloween party approaches, and she has to hold it together and ‘be normal’ on the most supernatural night of the year.

For those of you outside Ireland, you could be forgiven for thinking that faeries are a force for good in the world – YOU’D BE WRONG. This thoroughly modern comedy casts the faerie folk in their traditional Irish role – the tricky, dark, frightening villains who’d ate you without salt, as soon as look at you.

Recommended for listeners 8+ and anyone who likes a good story!

S x

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