Aaaaannd we’re back!

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Friends, it’s been about 15 months since my last blog post.

Haha. Awkward for me.

I’m not even gonna mention the state of my LinkedIn.

In my defence, I’ve been rather busy. I have in that time –

It should go without saying, but unfortunately does not, that the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement has my unconditional support, and that I should have posted something on my blog about BLM before now, as the white people of the world need to start speaking out and nailing their colours to the mast if things are going to change.

This online space and the writer behind it are anti-racism, anti-fascist and pro- pro- pro- black lives, black activism and black excellence.

WELCOME TO MY NEW(ish) WEBSITE (take two)!

I’m going to try to do better than staying silent at tough times like these, just because I’m busy (and I am pretty damn busy, but you know… so was Prince) and having an existential crisis. Expect to see more posts about my activities in the last year, and my projects coming up.

Love from Dublin,

Sian x

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