What I Just Saw – Narrow (Nipt), Is This A Dagger? at Baboró


Day two of Baboró was a little less busy than day one, on account of a double booking, a talk, and a meeting with the amazing Zita Monahan and Ionia Ní Chróinín, who’ll be working with me on Te Rōhi. Still, I managed to squeeze in two children’s shows, one in particular that totally stole my (imaginary, but very prestigious) Festival Award For Best In Baboró. That show was Narrow (Nipt). Pithy comments on that, below…

NARROW (Nipt) – Laika (Belgium)

The Gist… A couple move into a box house not much bigger than 2m x 2m, and have to squeeze and push and bum-wiggle their way towards domestic bliss. A technically complex but easy to watch, funny, intimate show about a couple in love, during the hard times as well as the good.

Go if… You love playing house and/or playing with miniature versions of household things, and you are the sort of person who gets great pleasure out of well packed lunches in quality Tupperware. Mmmmm that’s some damn fine ergonomic use of space.

Avoid if… You’re claustrophobic. The show is a bit stressful to watch for the first five minutes.

Go if… You’ve been through a break-up, or you’ve just moved in with a partner and have realised how annoying they are, and you want a nice, hopeful story with a happy ending.

Avoid if… You have something against love.

Go if… Just go. My pick of the festival so far.

Best moment… The night sky, the cactus, and that tiny hole for putting away the rubbish.


IS THIS A DAGGER? – Andy Cannon and Red Bridge Arts (Scotland)

The Gist… A one man, one hour, Macbeth. Simple.

Go if… You have, for whatever reason, no love for or connection to the works of Shakespeare but you’d like to develop one. This is a great accessible, fun intro.

Avoid if… You expect this Macbeth to be as gory or devilish as the real thing. Or you love the character of Lady Macbeth, who barely gets a look in.

Go if… You want to engage young boys specifically in theatre, who are otherwise slightly sceptical.

Avoid if… You’re a Shakespearean purist (ewww, go ‘way)

Go if… You’re an actor or theatre-maker who is interested in making a neat, nicely presented show-in-a-bag (or show-in-a-bucket, in this case) which could sweep up the festival circuit and, I imagine, tour well in schools.

Best moment… The witches. The folding map crown was neat, as were the facts about the true story of Macbeth. Also, this bit of Andy Cannon magic….

Banquo was Macbeth’s handsome friend.’

*Banquo throws his scarf over his shoulder, tosses his hair*


Was very funny, at the time.

Perhaps you had to be there.

S x

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