Going AWOL

Ugly Face Beautiful Place - Franz Josef, NZ
Ugly Face Beautiful Place – Franz Josef, NZ

I’m Sian Ní Mhuirí (don’t over think the surname), and I’m an Irish/Kiwi writer, a Sagittarius, a keen cyclist, and a fan of the collected works of Mindy Kaling.

Real talk, for a second – I had a realisation this year that the extraordinary housing crisis in my home city, Dublin, was pricing me out of the market in such a way that I had to a) live with my parents forever or b) hit the road.   So I decided to hit the road.  But couldn’t decide exactly where to go (the Gaeltacht, chun feabhas a cur ar mo chuid Ghaeilge? Or New Zealand, mō te whakapiki i tōku reo māori? Or somewhere else?) and I sort of settled for all of the above, plus some more, and it turns out that wasn’t a bad plan.

As a freelance writer, theatre-maker and drama facilitator, travelling from place to place, and taking gigs as they come, life seems to make more financial and artistic (not to mention personal) sense right as a nomad than a full-time Irish or New Zealand resident. Which is may seem insane, but it’s where I’m at. I’ve decided that austerity politics can do one, and I might as well take my life-on-low-wages to sunnier places, and live poorly in cool landscapes with a slower, less harrowing pace of life.

So now I’m sweet-talking the world, nabbing floor space and residencies left right and centre, and toting bags full of manky laundry everywhere I go.

Keep an eye out for me in your home town, and get in touch if you have a residency, gig, commission or project in mind! I can always use them! Extra points if your project comes with a friendly local boxing club, so I don’t go crazy as I go Kerouac.

For a more informal and invigorating documentation of my travels, you can always check out my self-portrait series called ‘UGLY FACES IN BEAUTIFUL PLACES‘, it’s a treat.

Ngā mihi, Beir Bua, and Love from on the road,

Sian ‘Impossible Surname’ Ní Mhuirí

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